Hope of Israel

Hope of Israel, Zion's army,
Children of the promised day,
See, the Chieftain signals onward,
And the battle's in array!

Hope of Israel, rise in might
With the sword of truth and right;
Sound the war-cry, "Watch and pray!"
Vanquish ev'ry foe today.

Friday, June 13, 2014

April 28, 2014

I probably only have 2 weeks left in Ontario! Crazy to think about! there is this boy that we have started teaching his name is Dillon, and he is only 11, and is very shy to doing somethings like praying or reading in front of people, but once he does it he feels good about and is just doing really great! his mom is less active, his dad is not a member, and is across the country for military, but his grandma that lives with them is semi active, she comes when she can but with her health its hard for her.  I can see the mom of the boy being interested though in the teachings we have been teaching her son, and she has been listening in on the discussions! :) I hope to be able to see her reactivated, and her son baptized! then when the father comes home hopefully he will be baptized as well!
As a missionary there is something I see more than anything, and that is families obviously.  I've been able to see how many different families function, and how the gospel effects each of there lives, as well as how those with out the gospel in there families are only tied together by small strings.  In the gospel we are sealed to our families, and we know that we will live with one another forever. the gospel blesses us to be happy as a family. When we are following the teachings of the savior and growing as a family in the gospel, we become so much stronger!  I love seeing how happy a family can be because of the gospel, and how that can help protect us from the outside world, when in our homes there is peace and joy.  I know what I want my family to be centered around when I have my own children.  I know that the gospel blesses our lives personally and especially our families lives! I hope you all have a great week!! :)
Elder Knighton

March 31, 2014

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton sent us these pictures of yet another one of his p-day adventures:

March 10, 2014

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton sent us these pictures:

March 10, 2014

Hey guys!! this week has been pretty good! :) kinda slow but that happens.  We still had the same amount of visits this week as we usually do, but for some reason the week just seemed kinda slow! but that's ok :) just means we can do more this week! its crazy how fast the time flies, in 3 days I will have officially been out for 4 months! that's so crazy!  haha anyways we have had some really good visits with our investigators and less actives, we have actually recently got 3 in active member reactivated! hopefully it stays that way! hahaha its been pretty cool! i have also gained 30 lbs on my mission so far... lucky all of it is going towards muscle haha other wise it would just be weird! i need to stop gaining weight at this rate though, i don't know if its particularly healthy! Anyways! hahah enough about me.
i was in Sunday school yesterday and on of our recently reactivated members was teaching the lesson! (crazy right?) hahaha its actually really cool but anyways there was one thing that she said to us that i kinda played with in my head for a little while, and we were talking about having knowledge, and how important that is! it was really cool for me to realize what the most important thing we can learn in this life is. The most important knowledge we can gain in this life is the Knowledge of our Savior.  There is one thing we take with us as we progress forward into the eternities and that is the knowledge we have acquired here on earth. We have often been told that we should try to gain as much education as possible.  To learn and develop as much as we possibly can in this life, to help us as we progress to the next.  But i would advise us all to learn the things that are of the utmost importance first.  The man who has no knowledge of mathematics or science but yet knows his Savior, is far better off than the man with the PHD and no knowledge of his Savior.  In a world where discouragement, sorrow, and sin are seen in our lives on a daily basis, in times when fear and despair seem to prevail over all else, i would council us all to do as it says in Mosiah 4 vs 9
"Believe in God, believe that He is, and that he created all things both in heaven and earth; believe that he has all power, both in heaven and earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the lord can comprehend." and then in Vs 12 the result:
"And Behold i say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always REJOICE and be filled with the love of God and always retain a remission of your sins, and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true."
As great as mathematics and science are, the knowledge belief and love for our Savior helps us through those hardships. It will help us through those times of despair and sadness.  Our knowledge and love for the Savior helps us to keep moving, keep rejoicing, and keep living. It helps us to face the future, and make it into what we want and rejoice in our opportunities! That last bit is the most important, a knowledge of our Savior brings Joy! and who doesn't want Joy??? i love you guys!! have a wonderful week!! :)

March 3, 2014

This week has been really great!! We actually got two of our less actives to come to church!! And they BOTH bore there testimony in fast and testimony meeting! It was great!! It's so good to see people progressing and moving closer to our heavenly father!  One of these less actives will be able to take the sacrament really soon hopefully!  He has some trials in his life that are really hard for him to overcome, but with the help of the lord it is possible to do anything!  Our Heavenly Father is continually building us into what he knows we can be, our job is to make sure we don't fail him! He can try as hard as he wants to build us into something beautiful, but if we are not willing to be molded into our potential, there is not much he can do.  There is a story that I really like:
Imagine for a moment yourself as a small run down cottage, old and worn out, a couple of holes here and there and several leaks and cracks that are all a result of hard times, and things this old house has gone through. We invite a builder (the Lord) into our lives to help restore us to our original form, to build us back up to what we know we can become.  So he starts small, repairing small holes and filling in cracks and leaks, and slowly but surely we start to return back to what we originally were! But the builder continues, an extension is added here and 3 more over there, some walls are smashed to the ground and rebuilt somewhere else, and it becomes extremely painful! eventually a beautiful courtyard is built, a second and third story and a lovely porch to top it off.  You thought you were just simply going to be a cottage. But the Lord was building a palace.
The lord knows what we can become. He knows our potential in this life and in the life to come and is continually trying to shape and build us into what he knows we can truly be!  He loves each and everyone of us and wants us to all have the best experience in life as possible.  Yes sometimes some of the things we go through can be painful, but It is all for the better. The Lord is building us up and refining us into our potential. Whether we realize it our not, when those walls are smashed to the ground, they will always, through the lords help, be built up again stronger, and in a place that our heavenly father knows they need to be.  It is our job to recognize what the builder is doing.  Though painful, the process of refinement is a part of life.  We must be willing to be built by the Lord.
I love you guys have a great week!! :)

February 24, 2014

Hello Everyone! :) This week has been a great week, and has really helped to build me up a lot! i know that my heavenly father is always looking out for me, and is always willing to help me if i ask him! So first week as senior companion down! haha :) it can be really kinda stressful being senior comp! but Ive learned so much already and i know that i will continue to learn and grow as i serve the Lord! This really is going to be a trail for me on my mission, because i have only been out for about 3 months, and im already senior companion! its really kinda crazy!  I know that trials strengthen us though, a lot of the time we done see them that way, but they really do! they help us to learn and to grow and become closer to our heavenly father. They strengthen us so that when we have more trials come, we have our foundation firmly built on Christ, we have a unshakable foundation of faith, that when the devil tries to bring us down, he has no power over us. There is a poem that President Monson quoted in one of his recent addresses that says
"Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger the wind,
The stronger the trees,
The further sky the greater length,
The more the storm,
The more the strength,
By sun and cold
By rain and snow
In trees and men
Good timbers grow"
Love you guys have a great week! :) remember trials can be a good thing! :)

February 18, 2014

This week is going to be hectic! I've been thrown on ice and I don't yet know how to skate! my skates aren't even on write! ;) i'm going to have to get my footing sometime soon. Transfers were this week, and Boswell and I are no longer companions.  I have a new companion whose name is Elder Horne, and he is really cool! he has only been out 6 weeks and hasn't been enjoying his mission so far because of his last few companions, and so hopefully I will be able to help him realize the growth that comes from being a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ :) I am also senior companion, and ive only been out for 3 months! its crazy! im honestly freaking out about it a little bit, just because im super worried about messing up, but I know the lord will always help us and wont leave us to fend for ourselves. I know I cant do this with out the Lord, and with out his guidance in my life, and I love being able to see that :) He is our loving Heavenly Father, and he won't let us down!  I gave the analogy the other day in a lesson of a small child trying to get a cookie from the top of a fridge.  lets say for a moment that we are this 2 year old child and the cookie on the fridge is our potential.  There are 4 things that the child does.  it can see that it is there, it tries reaches and falls, sits down and cries and realizes that he cant do on his own, and then goes to the father and asks for help reaching the cookie he cant get by himself.  Often times we do the same thing.  We can see that we are able to be better than we are, we know our potential to become like our heavenly father and live with him in the eternities forever. we try our best to reach for things that on our own we cannot obtain.  There is not one man on this earth save Christ that was perfect. We all need the help an assistance of his infinite atonement.  We try, we fall, we mess up, we look to the Lord for help, and his assistance is given to us.  Then the same thing happens again and again until finally we realize that we truly cannot successfully make it through this life with out the love and guidance of our heavenly father. He love each of us and is willing to help us out if we ask! But like the father of the 2 year old, as much as he would like to stand up from the get go, and give a cookie to the child, he does not. He waits, he watches carefully and rejoices when the child looks to him, and their relationship is strengthened.  That is when he helps his children. We cant just be handed things, they must be worked for, and when we take the time to follow our savior, we can slowly reach our full potential. Im going to be learning a lot this transfer! and I know the lord will help me through it all as long as I look to him! he loves me and he love each of you! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I hope that analogy made sense haha it is a lot easier to say then to write down, that is for sure! love you all!
-Love Elder Knighton

February 3, 2014

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton sent us these pictures from this wintery p-day adventure to Huntington:

January 27, 2014

My Dear friends and family! The gospel blesses everyone! One of my favorite things that i love to see in the mission field, is how much the gospel blesses the lives of those who follow the teachings of Christ.  In our lives we have so many trials. The world is full of darkness and evil, Satan has a hold on so many peoples hearts, and even those who find the gospel oft times will find themselves surrounded by sadness. In order to avoid the sadness and trials that life can through at us we need to be firmly rooted in the good soil that our heavenly father has created for us. Our Heavenly father has prepared for us a way to always be happy, if we choose to be so.  His son Jesus Christ, our Savior, has taken upon him all of our pains and sorrows so that he might now how he can succor his people, and help them to overcome every trial, sorrow, pain, and worry that the world has to throw at us.  He loves us, and he wants us to use him as our way to be happy in this life! If we dont, we might not find the happiness and joy that we should know we can find, by safely rooting ourselves on the savior. Those people that arent firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ might find themselves straying from the path, and letting their trials and struggles get in the way of their progression in life, and in the life to come.  The thing we need to strive to do most in our lives to stay happy is to firmly root ourselves in the savior, we have the ability to choose where we land.  The savior gave the parable of the sower, and how some fell by the wayside and were eaten by birds, or fell in thorns and were choked out, others fell on stony ground, and were scorched because they weren't deeply rooted. Others fell on good ground, and brought forth fruit and grew and were happy.  We have the ability to choose where we land and  to choose in which type of ground we will plant our faith.  The lord has prepared the ground. The soil is good and the way is prepared.  CPR is the way, this is how we firmly root ourselves in the ground the lord has prepared.  Church, Pray, Read. CPR
We need to be going to church so we can be around those that will help to lift us up, and bring us higher. They help us to stay on the path and bring us back when we fall away.  Pray is so essential in our lives! the days we dont pray, we arent as close to our heavenly father, because we arent keeping him involved in our lives! we need to let him know what we are doing, and when we could use a little help, because we all need help more than we realize, and our heavenly father has blessings instore for us, and all we need to do is ask! Often times, we find our answers to our prayers in the scriptures. Weird right??? not really!! The scriptures are the words of Christ, and it is not a rare thing, when he uses them to speak to us! they are put here for us to use and to know what our Heavenly Father wants and expects from us.  this is how we firmly plant ourselves in christ, by using the tools that are given to use so that we can live a better life, and use him as our way to avoid sorrow and pain.  Sorrow and pain will come, this is a fact of life, but through Christ we all have the ability to easily overcome our trials, and find joy in the love of our Savior.  Choose to use the tools given to us. Choose to always follow our Savior and stay firmly rooted in his gospel. Choose to plant yourself in his soil, Choose where you land.

January 20, 2014

Hello everyone!! today has been a really cool week! :) we had a baptism this week!! my first one in the mission field! it was so cool! im really excited for Nick, and i hope to see him enter into the temple! that is his goal he said, and im hoping he will stick with it! we also had one of our less active members actually come to church this week! his name is Chauncy hanley, he went to rehab a week ago to fix a few things, and the only time he is allowed out is on sundays for 3 hours for church hahah so he is kinda forced to come to church if he wants to get out of rehab for a while! im proud of him though and his decision to improve! We also have a semi new investigator that is super excited about the church and just an awesome guy all around! im super excited for him, and we will be teaching him the first lesson this week, and extending the commitment to be baptized! i hope it goes well!  we have had a fantastic week all together, we actually had dinner with one of our less active, part member families, on monday last week, and they cooked us some really good "southern food" and Boswell was all over that because he is from the south haha! it was mostly the style of cooking that makes it different, basically it was just some CRAZY good pulled pork, some corn bread, and a few other sides that were just awesome! im super excited for this next week, and i hope you guys are all having a fantastic time! enjoy your holiday!! :) love you all!! :)
-Elder Knighton

January 13, 2014

Im staying in Ontario!! :) im so happy!! I figured I would be, because im still being trained, but it still was kinda worrying me for a minute there! im really glad that I got to stay with my companion Elder Boswell, he is the coolest! im excited for the work we can do here in Ontario and im glad we didn't leave because I know there is still more Im supposed to do here!  This week has been great though, we got a new investigator, who we do service for, and is slowly opening up, and each time we go over it gets better and better! we also had one of the less actives we work with come to church this week for the first time since ive been in the area! it was great! we also taught tons of other great people. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of Church, prayer, and scripture study, and doing the things we are asked to do.  There is no point in going to church if you go to it like a social gathering, of course it is important to go and meet others that have the same values and goals that you do, and will help you to achieve those goals! but that's not the point!  The point is for us to be able to partake of the sacrament, renew our covenants, learn and grow, and worship our savior! And then applying the things that we learn to our lives, like scripture study.  when we are asked to do things from church leaders, it is because they have been inspired to do so.  Fulfilling our duties and magnifying our callings helps us to grow and develop more than we could ever imagine! don't believe me? try it!  The reason most people here in Ontario aren't doing these things, and magnifying there callings, and most of them wont even accept callings, is because they do the things that the church asks AT church, but not in there homes. Think of it as CPR, that's what me and elder boswell call it, Church, Pray, Read. These 3 wonderful things help us in our lives to bear our burdens, and become happy! Brothers and sisters always remember to do these 3 things, they bless our lives so much, and help us to do the things that are required of us.  I know this because missions aren't easy at all, but through relying on our savior and doing the things he asks, we are able to do anything.
I love all of you!! have a fantastic week!!!
-Elder Knighton

January 6, 2014

Hello everyone one!! I get to stay in Ontario for another transfer im so excited! I love the people here its great! :)  there are so many people I want to come back and visit after my  mission hahah ive made a big list! anyways, today I want to talk about one of God's most over looked commandments.  We find a lot of commandments, and things Jesus wants us to do in the scriptures, but everyone tends to look over the times when Jesus tells us to "Be of good cheer!"  In the church we can see plenty of people all with different types of personalities and ways of doing things, but one thing ive noticed the most is that those people who are doing what they should be doing, and are striving there best to progress, are generally the happiest. To me being happy is most definitely in my opinion an attribute that helps us to come closer to Christ. Its amazing how much a good attitude can affect the people around you! and also how much a bad one can have as well.  Something im kind of known for out here is always smiling and being happy, almost to the point where people think im a freak haha but I remember a sister Missionary from my MTC district said she had never seen me frown, or not being happy, which I was pretty proud of!  I remember a quote by President Hinckley, which said "In all of life have much fun and laughter! Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."  Everyone wants to be happy, its a simple fact of life.  Christ himself has told us to be so. So smile, laugh, enjoy life! if we have the attitude of trying our best to be happy, waking up in the morning and deciding that today is going to be a good day? odds are it will be! and always remember that the center of all happiness in our lives is Christ, the closer we are to him, the happier we will be. I love you all!! hope you have a marvelous week!! :) 

December 23, 2013

Hello everyone!! :) I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!! :) Christmas Is in two days!! can you believe that?! being out in the mission field time is all blended together haha so when I realized that this morning I was like  "WHAT?!" hahaha it was pretty funny :) anyways! my week has been crazy!! running back and forth from Nampa from Tuesday to Thursday for meetings and stuff haha we hardly got anything done! we met a really cool guy the other day while shoveling snow, he came over to help he was the guys nephew who we were helping, and he ASKED US if he could come to church with us on Sunday! the guy was golden! there was just one problem, and it sucks when this happens hahaha when you find out they don't live in your area!! it always seems to happen though haha you just have to keep on trying to find new people!! :) im sure we will have a lot of progress here really soon!! anyways I hope you guys all know the real meaning of Christmas! as members of the church it shouldn't be that hard to remember that Christmas is a time where we are to remember Jesus Christ!! Christmas has become so commercialized lately, and its never about Jesus Christ very often anymore, it is so important to remember to keep Christ in Christmas  :) there was a little story a member read to us called Mary's dream, on night she had woken up and was talking to joseph about a dream she had had, that everyone was celebrating the day Christ was born, but they weren't celebrating it as his birthday! and she said to Joseph, "how awful that would be! im so glad it was only just a dream" there was a lot more to the story but I can remember it all haha anyways, that dream she had? has all but become a reality. We need to remember that we are celebrating the day of Christ's birth! not the day that santa comes and gives you presents. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and always keep Christ in your hearts! He is the reason for the season and we need to always remember that! love you all have a fantastic week! :)

December 16, 2014

I've learned some really cool things lately! there is so much you can learn by deciphering the scriptures and applying them to ourselves! one of the scriptures that ive really liked is quite simple actually. it is in Phillipians chapter 4:13 and it says

 "i can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me"

This was up on the wall in the relief society room in the church. and the word "WHICH" is what stood out to me this time when i read it. when i first read that verse i thought of it as if it said "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" and thats how i read it and understood it! because we all know that Christ strengthens us and through him we can do all things, but then why was it written with the word "WHICH" and not Whom or who?....
lately i have researching and studying the topic of "how do i increase my faith??" ive been asking that to myself a lot lately, because you can never have to much!! :) From this scripture, i was able to learn a lot about it even if it doesnt say "Faith" specifically. 

"i can do all things through christ                                          Which strengthens me"

What happens when we do that??
To me, having that knowledge that god is our loving heavenly father and he and Jesus Christ love us more than we can ever imagine, and knowing the will help us with anything?? THAT is what strengthens me having that knowledge, and not only having that knowledge? but acting on it!! :) trying our faith, putting our faith in Christ, and testing it and having it confirmed to us that we have put our faith in the right thing :) this is when our faith grows, and we build a testimony, and continue on our way to be truly and completely converted to the lord :) acting on our faith builds our faith. which means if we are acting on our faith? it should always be continually growing :)  

I love all of you guys!! :) have a fantastic week and a merry christmas!! :)
-elder knighton

December 9, 2014

Ive been on my mission for just about a month!! that's so crazy! Time really is flying by and if we blink we miss it!  There really is no way to describe how cool it is to see how the Lord uses time for the benefit of his missionaries! in the MTC the days were literally SOO long! like when it felt like it was time for bed? it was 3 oclock. hahahaha I thought it was really cool! the days literally are longer for the benefit and learning of all of the lords missionaries! :) now this goes into my topic I want to talk about with you all today! WE ARE ALL MISSIONARIES! it is completely important for EVERY member of the church to realize that it is not just this missionaries job to bring others unto Christ, but everyone's! We as missionaries are of course set apart to teach the gospel and take it to every nation and soul on earth, but there is a huge and vital role that every member plays! when there is someone at church that you haven't met before or seen? TALK TO THEM! this church is a church where everyone's goal is or should be to help one another to get closer to Christ! The reason im stressing this so much, is because out here in Ontario, there are more less actives than you can even count, we had about 20 lessons this week alone with RCLA's which stands for Recent Convert Less Active's. There is hardly time to find new investigators if we are working so much on the Less active part of the ward!  this is why It is so important for everyone to help one another! its called fellowshipping, helping one another feel welcome in the ward especially if they are a recent convert! if we get an investigator to church and the people there aren't welcoming, and they aren't enjoying themselves at church because they have no friends or anyone to talk to, are they going to come back? not likely! Every member a missionary Brothers and Sisters, remember to help one another come closer to Christ especially during this holiday season! that's so important!  I love you guys! :) always remember to help others!

December 9, 2013

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton received this hat from a member out in his area:

Inline image 1

December 2, 2014

Hello everyone!!! :) I've already been out for almost 3 weeks!! time has seriously been flying by! anyways, there is a lot of stuff ive learned in just three weeks and its all amazing!  one of the biggest things that ive noticed since being in the field is the happiness and joy the gospel can bring into someone's life, and its amazing!  there are some people out here that are just grumpy and angry and don't know about the gospel and how it can literally change there lives!! we have this investigator Nick Thompson, who has probably had one of the hardest lives you could imagine, and I won't go into detail but he has a TON of health problems and addictions that he's had a lot of problems with, and he lives in a small trailer in a trailer park. but he is one of the happiest coolest guys you will ever meet!!! he has had so many trials but yet keeps a positive attitude!!!! He has so many struggles but yet is so Christ like!  He has such a wonderful desire to help others, even though he has trouble helping himself. its incredible to see such positivity :) We had a teacher in Priesthood yesterday that taught us a little bit about that, and how we need to always live for today and don't dwell on the past (unless its positive good memories), and also not to be waiting for the future and a better day! but making the present one of those good memories we can look back on and enjoy :) the way that Nick Thompson put it is to "Plan for tomorrow, but play for today" so in other words make sure you have something to look forward to but don't dwell on it :) make today the best you can!! :) "if you are always looking for tomorrow, you will find yourself with a lot of empty yesterdays" there was a story that was told to us in priesthood that was really good about being positive, its the story of the two buckets in the well:
There were two buckets going up and down in a well and one day as they passed each other one of them said "this is awful!!!! No matter how many times I go up full I always come down empty!! I hate this!!" the other bucket looked at him confused and said "really?? I think this is amazing!!! No matter how many times I go down empty, I know I will always come up full"  Moral of the story? We all have up's and down's in our lives, Live for the UP'S!! not for the down's always stay positive and you will be happy :) have a wonderful week everyone!!! :)

November 27, 2013

These pictures were sent to us from Elder Derek Thomas Knighton's mission president:

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton & Mission President

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton & Companion 'Elder Boswell'

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton, Mission President, & Companion 'Elder Boswell'

November 27, 2013

Elder Derek Thomas Knighton's first companion:

 :) im in Oregon right now!!!!! :) me and my companion Elder Boswell are in Ontario :) he is so cool!!! he sings and plays guitar and all kinds of cool stuff!! Im having such a good time! we went tracting yesterday, right after we got to Idaho, and in less that an hour we had 3 referrals! it was pretty great hahah.we live at a members house and guess what? its probably just about the nicest house ever, AND the elderly couple living there are even nicer!!! like seriously there house is nicer than our house and its nuts!! we are really well taken care of haha pampered actually so im loving it!! :) I hope you guys have an awesome thanks giving!! 

November 23, 2013

Hello everyone!! the MTC is so amazing!! :) i love it here you guys and i leave in like 3 days!! its really sad actually.. as excited as i am to actually get out in the field, i really love it here. My companions are awesome, my district and my zone are amazing! and i know everyone really well because im zone leader hahah so i must be doing something right haha :) anyways everyone here is so nice, and everyone is so close! the things ive learned here are amazing... ive changed so much in the last week haha its insane. i probably pray for about 15 minutes morning and night because of the things ive learned here. the power of prayer is incredible! ive also had the wonderful opportunity to teach two investigators this past week. Barbara the first day we taught her was really hard!! she asked so many questions that it was just to hard to stay on one topic and we were really worried about teaching her, but the next day was so much better, and we had actually prepared really well to answer all of her questions, and through the guidance of the spirit we were able to have the best lesson ever!! we looked forward to teaching her everyday after that, and it just got better and better!  we eventually got a baptisimal commitment from her after only 3 visits!! the spirit is so strong when you are teaching an investigator, and it has to be, otherwise you arent listening to the spirit and you will never be able to tell the investigator what they need to hear! the spirit is the key, and he will help you open the hearts of many people. we also had the chance to teach alex, who was at first it was really hard to get him to open up, but after awhile we were able to address his needs, and through the help of the spirit and his desire to feel the holy ghost in his life, we were able to get him to accept the invitation to be baptised as well!! its been such an amazing week everyone, i cant wait to get out in the field!! i know im ready :) the important thing is to love everyone, thats how you get to know an investigators needs, is loving them as Jesus Christ would and then helping them to know the truth. i love all you guys!! have a great week!!! :) 
Love, Derek