Hope of Israel

Hope of Israel, Zion's army,
Children of the promised day,
See, the Chieftain signals onward,
And the battle's in array!

Hope of Israel, rise in might
With the sword of truth and right;
Sound the war-cry, "Watch and pray!"
Vanquish ev'ry foe today.

Friday, June 13, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hello everyone!! today has been a really cool week! :) we had a baptism this week!! my first one in the mission field! it was so cool! im really excited for Nick, and i hope to see him enter into the temple! that is his goal he said, and im hoping he will stick with it! we also had one of our less active members actually come to church this week! his name is Chauncy hanley, he went to rehab a week ago to fix a few things, and the only time he is allowed out is on sundays for 3 hours for church hahah so he is kinda forced to come to church if he wants to get out of rehab for a while! im proud of him though and his decision to improve! We also have a semi new investigator that is super excited about the church and just an awesome guy all around! im super excited for him, and we will be teaching him the first lesson this week, and extending the commitment to be baptized! i hope it goes well!  we have had a fantastic week all together, we actually had dinner with one of our less active, part member families, on monday last week, and they cooked us some really good "southern food" and Boswell was all over that because he is from the south haha! it was mostly the style of cooking that makes it different, basically it was just some CRAZY good pulled pork, some corn bread, and a few other sides that were just awesome! im super excited for this next week, and i hope you guys are all having a fantastic time! enjoy your holiday!! :) love you all!! :)
-Elder Knighton

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