Hope of Israel

Hope of Israel, Zion's army,
Children of the promised day,
See, the Chieftain signals onward,
And the battle's in array!

Hope of Israel, rise in might
With the sword of truth and right;
Sound the war-cry, "Watch and pray!"
Vanquish ev'ry foe today.

Friday, June 13, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey guys!! this week has been pretty good! :) kinda slow but that happens.  We still had the same amount of visits this week as we usually do, but for some reason the week just seemed kinda slow! but that's ok :) just means we can do more this week! its crazy how fast the time flies, in 3 days I will have officially been out for 4 months! that's so crazy!  haha anyways we have had some really good visits with our investigators and less actives, we have actually recently got 3 in active member reactivated! hopefully it stays that way! hahaha its been pretty cool! i have also gained 30 lbs on my mission so far... lucky all of it is going towards muscle haha other wise it would just be weird! i need to stop gaining weight at this rate though, i don't know if its particularly healthy! Anyways! hahah enough about me.
i was in Sunday school yesterday and on of our recently reactivated members was teaching the lesson! (crazy right?) hahaha its actually really cool but anyways there was one thing that she said to us that i kinda played with in my head for a little while, and we were talking about having knowledge, and how important that is! it was really cool for me to realize what the most important thing we can learn in this life is. The most important knowledge we can gain in this life is the Knowledge of our Savior.  There is one thing we take with us as we progress forward into the eternities and that is the knowledge we have acquired here on earth. We have often been told that we should try to gain as much education as possible.  To learn and develop as much as we possibly can in this life, to help us as we progress to the next.  But i would advise us all to learn the things that are of the utmost importance first.  The man who has no knowledge of mathematics or science but yet knows his Savior, is far better off than the man with the PHD and no knowledge of his Savior.  In a world where discouragement, sorrow, and sin are seen in our lives on a daily basis, in times when fear and despair seem to prevail over all else, i would council us all to do as it says in Mosiah 4 vs 9
"Believe in God, believe that He is, and that he created all things both in heaven and earth; believe that he has all power, both in heaven and earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the lord can comprehend." and then in Vs 12 the result:
"And Behold i say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always REJOICE and be filled with the love of God and always retain a remission of your sins, and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true."
As great as mathematics and science are, the knowledge belief and love for our Savior helps us through those hardships. It will help us through those times of despair and sadness.  Our knowledge and love for the Savior helps us to keep moving, keep rejoicing, and keep living. It helps us to face the future, and make it into what we want and rejoice in our opportunities! That last bit is the most important, a knowledge of our Savior brings Joy! and who doesn't want Joy??? i love you guys!! have a wonderful week!! :)

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